Who Am I

Who Am I

At heart I am an educator, but I am also a student, keeping fresh and current on the latest research and most effective classroom practices. Early in my career, I was deeply affected by a statistic that suggested that 70% of the jobs that grade three students will have in the future have not even been invented yet, making me wonder how I can prepare students best for the challenges and innovations that lie ahead.  For over a decade now, I have remained energetic and committed to empowering students with 21st century skills, while developing their passion for learning and attitudes for success.  With an extensive background working with multicultural backgrounds and various age groups, I enjoy creating a fun, warm and exciting academic environment where students feel challenged and appreciated.

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My daughter Hannah and I in Guyana.

I have proudly served in the U.S. Peace Corps, where my passion for teaching was solidified. Since then I have eagerly participated and led activities that encourage school community and academic goals.  I have organized and directed literacy summer camps for over 200 K-5 students; coached and led the high school debate club to the regional semi-finals; championed peer-tutoring programs that improved behavioral and academic performance; collaborated with parent committees to solve tough school challenges and coordinate events; and planned school improvement and staff professional development for reaching targeted goals.

Because I am passionate about education, I am eager to share information that will improve instruction and develop deeper understanding for my peers. Some of the professional workshops and  meetings that I have personally conducted are on some of the following topics: creating and managing learning centers, play as a process for guided inquiry, cultivating positive student relationships, behavior management techniques, developing writing skills, creating storytellers, co-teaching and co-planning and how to make connections between math and literacy.

Currently I live in Wuxi, China. I am the Primary Years Programme (PYP) Coordinator at Taihu International School, responsible for the implementation of the PYP  curriculum from the ages of 2-11 years old. I have taught there both in the Early Years and in the upper primary school.

My hobbies include healthy cooking, knitting, yoga, meditation, and enjoying the great outdoors.  I founded the Wuxi Book Club and belong to a Ukulele Group.

I plan to continue my professional goals by working in a doctorate program in curriculum and instruction.

You can see my professional resume here.

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Judy Imamudeen

Judy Imamudeen

Developing learners as leaders is my joy! As a highly qualified International Baccaluearate (IB) teacher and educational leader, I am committed and passionate about executing its framework and empowering students in creating a future world that works for everyone.

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