Literacy Week 2014

Literacy Week 2014

I love organizing school events. I know, I’m weird, huh?

But I believe that events and activities outside of our classrooms are what create community and enthusiasm for learning. Ms. Wakefield and I have been working feverishly to put together whole school activities for students. Some of the activities we had were:

  • D.E.A.R.–this is the token activity during Literacy Week in which we drop everything and read during various times during the day.
  • Graffiti Wall-This was primarily for the upper school students, in which they could write quotes and draw pictures from their favorite books or other forms of media.
  • Reading Caterpillar–this was our “house group” challenge, encouraging kids to read as many books as possible. For each book, they got a circle in which they could write their name and the title of the book they read. Then those circles were added to their house group’s caterpillar head to make a fetching display which would sprawl around the school canteen.
  • Read the World–this was to highlight the number of languages in our school. We had an afternoon of reading different stories in different mother tongues: German, Mandarin, English, French, Spanish and Korean. This story time activity was for the primary students.
  • Character Dress Up Day– Any excuse to come to school in a costume, although the students had to bring in the book that their character was from.
  • Door Decorating Contest–The WHOLE school participated in decorating classroom doors that were judged by the student council. The student council came up with the rubric for judging the doors It was great fun and inspired a lot of creativity.


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